ROWECertifiedLogoTravelingBrand is a ROWE Certified Organization. As a ROWE Certified Organization, we adhere to the following ROWE standards:

  • Every meeting is optional. Being accountable for delivering results is not.
  • People are where they need to be, when they need to be there based on agreed-upon results and measures. Managers address performance issues, not attendance and tardiness issues.
  • Core hours or schedules are not dictated by managers.
  • Vacation/time off is unlimited as long as results are achieved.
  • Every person is 100% autonomous and is expected to make the right decisions about how, when, and where work will happen in order to achieve results.
  • Every person is 100% accountable to clear, measurable results.
  • There are no flextime, telecommuting, or other flexibility policies in place.
  • There is no judgment about how you spend your time. People know what Sludge is and they actively use the established eradication strategies to keep it out of the workforce.
  • ROWE is not a program; when business gets tough ROWE is not something that is taken away. The focus is always on clear, measurable expectations and managing performance.
  • Efficiency is rewarded with control over time (autonomy), not punished with piling on more work.
  • Non-performance is swiftly addressed. Continued non-performance means termination of employment.
  • Performance management and performance conversations are ongoing and not relegated to a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual review process.
  • People never talk about how many hours they work.

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