Avoid Naming Disasters

Prevent International Naming Disasters

By providing actionable linguistic and cultural insights on name candidates, we help you avoid
client global naming disasters, ultimately safeguarding your professional reputation.

Name Candidates Tested

0 Naming Disasters

Our Proven Formula  =  Zero Naming Disasters

TravelingBrand has prevented more than 55,000 potential naming disasters and guided countless identity consultants away from embarrassing and expensive mistakes. Our formula of knowledge plus action has yielded zero brand disasters. Not using a service like ours is a risky proposition. One out of three names we test fails. Is that the kind of risk you want to take?

In short, our proven process is one that you won’t find anywhere else. We leverage linguistic specialists living in the country where your brand will be introduced, ensuring that local dialects, slang, events, culture, politics and market realities are captured. Those insights are then presented in a concise and customized report with verified, actionable information and recommendations that sets your client up for success. If your brand is traveling, invite us on the trip so we can protect your reputation and help your clients succeed internationally.

Which Option Will Safeguard Your Reputation?

Without TravelingBrand 1 out of 3 fails. With TravelingBrand 0 fail

Your Passport To Success

We offer a variety of services to meet your international name validation needs. We can perform a visual check
on brand names or logos, a verbal analysis on name candidates, or even transcreate or translate.

Name Validation


Quick “go/no-go” gauge that flags name or logo candidates with blatant problems in early stage creative work.



Global Brand Evaluation

In-depth assessment of semi-final creative work that identifies viable name and logo candidates for global markets (typically 10-20 candidates).




A verbal assessment to understand how a name would be pronounced to uncover unintended or negative connotations and also to avoid regulatory and trademarking obstacles.



Chinese Name Transcreation

With this service, we adapt a message from one language to any number of Chinese dialects in order to preserve the original intent, style, tone and context.

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If you need standard translation of market research surveys, microsites or taglines, we are well positioned to give you top-notch results, as well as transcreation if needed.

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*In a four-month period, more than one-third of name candidates failed.
**TravelingBrand has tested 55,000+ names over 15 years; none of names tested failed.