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By providing linguistic and cultural insights on name candidates and actionable recommendations, we help you and your client avoid naming disasters with global implications, ultimately safeguarding your professional reputation.

We have a perfect track record in preventing more than 100,000 potential naming disasters and guided countless identity consultants away from embarrassing and expensive mistakes. The internet is quick to point out naming faux-pas anywhere around the world. Don’t let your client’s product name become one of them.

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Linguistic Specialists and Project Managers

  • Qualified linguists
  • Proven experience
  • In-country specialists
  • Dedicated project managers
  • In-house language experts
  • Detail-oriented


Client Reports

  • Custom information
  • Verified data
  • Organized structure
  • Ready for the end client
  • Quality-controlled
  • Detailed recommendations

Knowledge and Insights

Ensure That the Following is Captured

  • Slang
  • Local dialects
  • Symbols
  • Important figures and events
  • Pronunciation
  • Brands and products

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