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With 25 years on the cutting-edge of linguistic validation for global brands, the TravelingBrand team is an integral part of the globalization process. Our clients are revolutionizing the branding and intellectual property industries around the world, and we help them succeed in the face of unique challenges.

Our team includes hundreds of qualified language professionals around the world, led by our skilled project managers and linguistic experts. Native knowledge of the target language, current in-country awareness, and cultural insights create the ultimate resource for vetting your name candidates, and our expertise, quality assurance process, and experience add value to all of our clients’ projects.

Navigating Through Obstacles

Is the naming process stressful and lengthy? Let the experts handle it. We prevent naming disasters and offer all of the following:

  • Dozens of names
  • Tight deadlines
  • Hundreds of markets around the world
  • Communication with dozens of partners in the target markets
  • Thorough verification of data and QA process

Leave it to us!

Make Informed & Confident Naming Decisions

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