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The Oops Reel: Prepare the Crisis Communication Team

If last month's "Blushing Blunders" Oops Reel still has you red in the face, prepare yourself. The following examples veer from inappropriate to extremely offensive. For these naming disasters, the crisis communication team better be in place because recovering from...

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The Oops Reel: Blushing Blunders – Don’t Let It Be You

This is the "Blushing Blunders" edition of our Oops Reel. It's one thing to end up with an unintended connotation but another for it to be wildly inappropriate. This reel should surely get you thinking about your global name validation process. A New Meaning to the...

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The Oops Reel: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

When you're working on crafting the perfect brand name, many of you are also developing logos and/or imagery to accompany the name. This edition of The Oops Reel should serve as a reminder that just as much due diligence needs to go into evaluating the visual element...

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Brand Blunders Revealed: Oops Reel

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our new blog, which is designed to share news, tips and trends related to the global naming industry. Every month we'll write an 'Oops Reel' post, highlighting global naming disasters. These examples might just make you cringe,...

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